Thursday, May 24, 2012

Multiplication Fun

Hi everyone.  I am so jealous of everyone who is already on summer vacation.  10 more days for me.  At least all of my end of the year testing is done!!! :)
My room is getting a little more under control as I have been trying to neatly put things away and pack up my classroom.  Even though this year is not yet over I am thinking about how I want to decorate for next year.  This is some cute trim I just picked up at my local teachers store.  I can't wait to use it next school year.
It's from Creative Teaching Press.  Most of the items that I use for decorating my classroom are from them.  I loooove their stuff!!

In math we have been working on multiplication.  I recently read my chickadees:
This is a great book for teaching repeated addition or multiplication.  After reading the book my students created their own story problems.
I can tell I have the beginnings of a shop-a-holic in my class :)

They did a pretty good job overall.  I am so proud of how far my chickadees have come!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Classroom Explosion!!!

Okay, my classroom has not literally exploded but it certainly looks like that.  In my quest to start taking things down and packing up my room for the summer it looks like something exploded in my room.  Everything has to be off the floors/book shelves because everything is taken out of my hybrid so the maintenance fairies can wax the floor.  I am trying to pack things away in an orderly fashion so I will be able to find them when I return in August. 

My school already found out we will probably only have 1 day to get our rooms ready during our pre-planning week in August due to required district professional development.  It makes it awfully hard to "mentally" wrap up and enjoy the rest of this year with my chickadees when my mind is in hyperdrive over what I need to do to get ready for next year (now).  What will my "theme" be?  Should I make my parent packets now? What copies should I run off now?

I know it will all come together in the end (I keep telling myself) :)
17 days to go!! How about you?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Have you heard?  TpT is having a Teacher Appreciation Sale May 6-8th in honor of Teachers Appreciation Week.

Items will be up to 20% off and Tpt will be kicking in an extra 8% off.  Holy guacamole you can save up to 28% off!!  I have many items on my wishlist I plan on purchasing.

If you click {here} you will be able to pick up my newest unit "I'm Ready for 2nd Grade {summer themed unit}".  It is $4.00 now, but during the sale it will only be $2.88.

Your little ones will be excited and engaged to use this summer themed unit as a wrap up to First Grade or even starting Second Grade. There are 5 literacy and 3 math activities. Each activity comes with a recording sheet and sentence extension (literacy items). 
Happy Shopping!!