Thursday, May 24, 2012

Multiplication Fun

Hi everyone.  I am so jealous of everyone who is already on summer vacation.  10 more days for me.  At least all of my end of the year testing is done!!! :)
My room is getting a little more under control as I have been trying to neatly put things away and pack up my classroom.  Even though this year is not yet over I am thinking about how I want to decorate for next year.  This is some cute trim I just picked up at my local teachers store.  I can't wait to use it next school year.
It's from Creative Teaching Press.  Most of the items that I use for decorating my classroom are from them.  I loooove their stuff!!

In math we have been working on multiplication.  I recently read my chickadees:
This is a great book for teaching repeated addition or multiplication.  After reading the book my students created their own story problems.
I can tell I have the beginnings of a shop-a-holic in my class :)

They did a pretty good job overall.  I am so proud of how far my chickadees have come!

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Miss Sara said...

love the trim!!! so cute!

Miss Elementary

Tammy said...

I sent you an award. Come check it out.

First Grade @ Storybook Cafe

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