Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Font Find

Hi everyone, I am back from a nice relaxing break in the Carolina Low Country.  I hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing, pampering your self :) summer!

I am back to creating and craftivity mode (back to school unit, Journeys units are in the works)!!!

I stumbled upon the most adorable free font.
This is called Waves Font.  My preppy self can't get enough of it.
You can download it yourself by clicking here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bulletin Board Storage Upgrade!!

My last day of school was this past Friday, so summer has officially started for me :) 
 While packing up my classroom (everything has to be off the walls/floor for "maintenance purposes") the cardboard box I normally store my bulletin board sets and posters in started to break.  This was my second cardboard storage box that has started to buckle and refused to hold its shape.  One of the handles had also split and broken off.  I think some of the breakdown of the box is due to the heat and humidity here in Florida.  My classroom is a hybrid (an upgraded portable) so that doesn't help the heat and humidity situation.
I decided to cave in and purchase these bulletin board storage bags from Carson-Dellosa.
They are awesome !!  I bought two of them  (side note...the cardboard box met the recycling bin).  One to hold my bulletin board/decorative sets and one to hold posters that I use for teaching and for students to use at workstations.  They are expandable and have a handle.  The best part is that these 2 storage bags take up a lot less space than my previous cardboard box.  Since storage is very limited in my hybrid classroom (only one tiny storage closet) I am always looking for ways to improve my organization and storage.