Sunday, February 26, 2012

Over the Rainbow

I am thrilled to begin this adventure of blogging!  I have no experience but am excited and eager to learn.
A big shout out goes to Alicia at DreamlikeMagice for this fantabulous blog template.  When I first saw it I was literally dancing around the house!  You could say I was "over the rainbow"!  During myy euphoric state I was inspired to create Over the Rainbow Number Comparisons.

This item is available in my Teachers Notebook store.  I can't wait to use it with my chickadees to review comparing numbers.  This will be a great item to use on early release days when I have math workstations.  Not only can it be used as a math workstation but it can be utilized for whole group practice or cooperative learning.

I am a great believer in cooperative learning!  I truly believe it helps students stay engaged and comprehend skills better.  I plan on using this with the cooperative learning structure Line Ups and Rally Coach.

My hubby (who teaches first grade) is excited to add this to his calendar math routine.

I am looking forward to learning, sharing and being inspired by my fellow bloggers!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle,

I know this is only your first post, but I see good things in your future blogging career! :) I've awarded your blog the Liebster Award! Come on over to my blog to get the award so you can proudly display it here! :)


Amy said...

Very cute unit! I'm so glad I found your blog!! I love it and I'm your newest follower!

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