Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rubrics/Scales for Learning Goals????

Last year my district adopted a new evaluation system for teachers.  The Teacher Evaluation System, Bridge, is based on the research conducted by Dr. Robert Marzano connecting Effective Instructional Practice to Increased Student Achievement.
It was a heck of alot of information to digest at once. 

Part of our evaluation/effective instructional practice that will lead to increased student achievement was to post a learning goal on the board for each lesson that was taught throughout the day.  While this did take up considerable space on my board, and was a pain to write, I understand the importance of having it posted for the students to see and refer back to.  The learning goal was also accompanied by a generic rubric that students used to "rate" themselves.  For my chickadees this was an easy, peasy 0-2 rubric that they would use to rate themselves privately using their fingers over their heart.

2-  I got it
1- I am beginning to understand, but still need some help
0- even with help I.D.K

This year we need to have a specific scale/rubric made for each learning goal, for each lesson, that is taught throughout the day.  This is an enormous amount of rubrics/scales that have to be created.  In my district one of the pre-planning days when I go back is dedicated to the task of creating these rubrics.  We are also implementing the Common Core this year along with a new grading scale for k-2.  We previously used letter grades (E S P N) and will now be using numbers (0-4).  To give you an idea a 3 will mean working proficiently at grade level for the skill.  I have not yet had any type of training for the common core or the grading.  My district will be training everyone the day before we have to make the rubrics/scales.  I want to make sure I have a correct understanding of the Common Core and grading before I start making any rubrics.

Is anyone currently using the Marzano based evaluation system and/or a different rubric/scale for each lesson that is taught?  What do you think of using a specific rubric for the lesson vs. a general rubric?  Do you have any examples you would be willing to share?